How to Write a Preface for School Project

A good preface will lead a reader to keep reading the project deeper, so it’s really important to create it perfectly.

Though preface is consisting of paragraph that will introduce the description about the project you will held, it becomes a vital part you have to perfectly prepare.

Making a good preface isn’t that hard, here we’re going to show you about how to write a preface for school project easily.

Preface is the part of the text that describing the main text which including the subject, scope, or the purpose that the text is going to tell.

Writing a preface is not that difficult if you know the keys how to write it, due to this section is the place to describing about the writing of the project clearly.

Hence, here are the guidelines for writing school project preface.

Things you have to Know about Preface & How to Write Preface for School Project

1. The Description of The Project


The preface is consisting of the description about project in general lines you will hold.

Here’s also the place you need to tell readers about the main idea of your school project, but make sure you don’t show all of the information because you still need to reveal it in other section and keep the readers to finding the information more deeply by going through the text.

2. Explain The Topic for The Project

Source: bbc

This section consists of the description that showing the purpose of your project.

You need to tell about the main idea and the reason why do you want to hold that project.

It will lead the readers keep reading through the project.

3. Tell the Purpose


Here you need to tell the purpose behind the school project you want to hold.

Try to give the information and the purpose behind the project more detail and clear.

You can also try to make your preface looks more interesting by put some questions within the text, so you can relate the idea of the project and what actually people appeal from your project.

4. Explain the Benefit


In this part, you’d better to explain about the benefits and advantages that can get from reading that project in the preface (this info from Indonesian site: kata pengantar).

Try to put any differences between your school projects and other projects in the preface, so it will make the readers want to keep reading your text deeper and find the interesting information behind that.

5. Decide the Target Audience

A good preface commonly has the explanation about target audience which including the reason behind the project you want to realize.

Make sure you have made a decision about the people you wanted to tell or inform.

You also need to put any queries about the project so you can deliver it easily.

Sometimes it sounds really difficult to write a preface for any projects.

You may be wondering, how to Write a Preface for School Project? But whatever the project you’ve made is, make sure you’ve already read all the tips we’ve covered above so you can create an interesting preface.

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