4 Things You Need to Know about Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet

Consuming lots of junk food and doing an unhealthy lifestyle will make your heart work harder to pump the blood throughout your body. This bad habit can cause heart failure eventually. To overcome this, you must apply a special diet called Mediterranean diet.

As the name suggests, a Mediterranean dietary method is a diet that is processed using typical Mediterranean cooking methods. This diet has a fairly complete type of food, starting from the meat to the side dish.

The Diet Characteristic

The whole grains

This type diet has the main characteristic, which is where you will return to nature. All foods used in this diet are based on nature, grow naturally, and are processed in a natural way. That’s why you are required to avoid chemicals in your food.

Since Mediterranean people are also adventurers, their foods are quite compact, usually consist of various kinds of grains, so it is easy to carry everywhere. If there is something to be cooked, it usually takes quite a while.

The Kinds of Recommended Foods

Mediterranean people’s diet is very beneficial for your heart, so the foods in it also have oil and chemicals that are next to none. Following is the list recommended eating of the Mediterranean diet.

  • Vegetables (obviously)
  • The whole grains
  • Non-GMO fruits (if you can find it) or any fruit in general.
  • Boiled white meat
  • Red wine (optional)

For your information, some foods not mentioned above are not prohibited but you need more attention when consuming them. For red wine, some doctors believe that alcohol use can help liver reconditioning. Red wine is a type of alcohol that’s suitable because the alcohol level is quite low.

How to Live with a Mediterranean Diet

The first time you see the food set list mentioned above, you might think that you will never be able to live by only consuming these foods. But, there are various ways to consume them that might improve your appetite.

Avoiding oil means you have to prioritize grilling more than anything. Ever imagined grilling without using oil? Now, you can replace it with butter and a few cheese slices. Try it next time when you are grilling fish.

The Herb as Your New Food Companion

Mediterranean Diet

You can make some incredible salads with ingredients that are allowed in your diet. Most likely, salads only require vegetables, olive oil, and a really good shaking. You can add some herbs slices to enrich the salad’s taste.

When speaking of herbs, by using this type of plant, you can make a substitute for your food companions, such as sauce and soy sauce. Simply mix the types of herbs you want when cooking the food. Results from nature can provide a unique flavor to your food.

After reading and applying various Mediterranean diet methods above, it is guaranteed that your liver will gradually improve. If possible, you can apply this diet forever. However, you also have to go to the doctor if something goes wrong with your body.

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