The Importance of Vision and Mission for the Company

Every company-company and more and more organization must really have a clear vision and mission. Vision and mission have an important role for companies and organizations. In this discussion, it will be discussed how important the vision and mission are.

Definition of Vision and Mission


Vision is a forward-looking view of the ideals and images that an institution / organization wants to realize in the future, so that it can answer the question of what institutions / organizations want to be? (David, Fred R., 2012)

While the mission has an understanding of something that must be carried out by an institution / organization in accordance with its vision. (David, Fred R., 2012).

Vision (Vision) is a series of sentences that express the ideals or dreams of an organization or company to be achieved in the future. Or it can be said that the vision is a statement of want to be from an organization or company. Vision is also very crucial for the company to guarantee sustainability and long-term success. (Wibisono, 2006)

Mission (Mision) According to Wheelen as quoted by Wibisono (2006, p. 46-47) Mission is a series of sentences that state the purpose or reason for the existence of an organization that contains what is provided by the company to the community, both in the form of products or services.

Company Mission


Mission is the starting point for planning managerial tasks, and above all, for designing managerial structures, so that the mission becomes the foundation for priorities, strategies, plans and work assignments. A clear mission statement is very important for setting goals and formulating strategies.

An effective mission will build individuals and be encouraging, inspiring, and relevant to stakeholders.

Various components of mission statements


According to David, Fred R, (2009: 102) there are nine characteristics that must be summarized in a company mission, and because the company’s mission is part of the strategic management process that must be summarized in a company mission, and because the company’s mission is part of the strategic management process which will be published to the public, the company’s mission should include the nine main components, which consist of:

Customer: explicitly the mission must state who is the customer for the company’s products

  • Product or Services: in this case specifically the company must specify what products or services are produced by the company.
  • Markets: this statement explains in the market where the company’s products will compete with products produced by competitors.
  • Technology: the mission statement mentions the direction of the company’s technology development to meet consumer needs.
  • Concern for survival, growth, and profitability: in this case the mission statement clearly shows the company’s commitment to the company’s survival, growth and ability to generate profits (profitability).
  • Philosophy: the mission will explain the beliefs, values, aspirations, and ethical priorities of the company.
  • Self Concept: describes what are the distinctive competencies of a company compared to its competitors.
  • Concern for public image: shows whether the company has a response to social, community and environmental problems.
  • Concern for employees: shows whether employees are valuable assets for the company.

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