Why are there perfumes that smell long lasting and not? See the facts!

Preparing to leave the house? Clothes are stylish, makeup is okay, only one is lacking: spray perfume! Yep, this habit is certainly a routine we do every time we want to move. Without perfume, we will feel less confident. Because, everyone wants to smell good, right?

However, do you realize, if there is a perfume that has a long-lasting aroma or not? So, what is the scientific explanation behind the phenomenon? Let’s get closer!

1. Let’s get to know the types of perfume first


At least, there are five types of perfumes that are known throughout the world. This type is distinguished based on the level of concentration. Let’s sort from the lowest to the highest concentration. There are eau fraiche, eau de cologne, eau de toilette, eau de perfume and perfume. What’s the difference between the five types?

Eau de fraiche has a concentration of 1-3 percent, eau de cologne 2-4 percent, eau de toilette 5-15 percent, eau de perfume 15-20 percent and the highest is perfume with a concentration level of 20-30 percent, said the Fragrance Advisor page.

2. What is the connection between concentration and endurance perfume?


So, is there a correlation between the level of concentration and the endurance of perfume? Of course there is! The lower the concentration level, the faster the aroma evaporates. Vice versa, the higher the concentration level, the longer the perfume’s fragrance lasts longer, explained the Fragrance Advisor page.

Eau de fraiche usually lasts only one hour. Meanwhile, eau de cologne can last up to 2 hours, eau de toilette lasts between 2-3 hours and eau de perfume can last longer, ie 4-6 hours.

The longest is perfume, which can last up to 8 hours! Oh yes, the higher the concentration level, the more expensive the selling price of the perfume.

3. Skin type affects the durability of perfume


Believe it or not, is there a connection between skin type and endurance of perfume? In fact, if our skin is dry type, the aroma will evaporate faster and fade. This is because the perfume is not absorbed into our skin, said the page on How Stuff Works.

To prevent this, try applying moisturizer on the skin before applying perfume. Apply and flatten until moist and chewy, before spraying our favorite fragrance. Trust me, it works!

4. Will spraying perfume on the wrist and neck make it last longer?


It has become a habit that spraying perfume must be on the neck or wrist area. He said, so the fragrance can last long. However, is that right? According to Perry Romanowski, a cosmetic chemist, there is no connection between certain areas of the body and the endurance of perfume.

“The traditional belief is that pulse points like the neck and wrist produce extra heat and can increase aroma. In fact, there is no evidence that can support this,” Perry explained on the Greatist page.

5. The size of the molecule influences the endurance of perfume


Everything on this earth is made of molecules, as well as perfume. The mild citrus aroma tends to have small molecules, while the musk aroma has a large molecule. The molecular size determines how fast the oxidation process occurs, explained the Scent Bound page.

Smaller molecules will oxidize faster, this is why the smell of oranges and fruits disappear faster. Meanwhile, musk has large and complex molecules. No wonder the musk perfume lasts longer.

6. Perfume is more durable than body spray


Jangan salah pilih, sebab parfum dan body spray berbeda. Efek tahan lama dari aromanya pun gak sama. Body spray sendiri dibuat dari campuran alkohol dan air, dengan sedikit ekstrak aroma wewangian di dalamnya. Sementara, parfum dibuat dari campuran minyak wangi serta kadar air dan alkohol yang lebih sedikit.

Parfum memiliki konsentrasi wewangian yang lebih tinggi dibanding body spray. Itulah kenapa, aromanya juga lebih tahan lama. Selain itu, parfum juga cenderung lebih mahal dari body spraykarena perbedaan kadar konsentrasi tersebut, ungkap laman Eau Yes NY.

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