I Am Grimalkin

I Am Grimalkin


From the publisher:
"I'm coming for you, and nothing living or dead can stop me."

One witch is the most feared, the most ruthless, and the most deadly of all the witches in the county. If she hunts for you, she will find you. If you have crossed her, you don't stand a chance. She is the witch assassin, and her name is Grimalkin.

Grimalkin's one alliance is with Tom Ward, the Spook's apprentice. With Tom, she plans to rid the world of the most terrifying evil, the Fiend, who once did her great wrong.

For the first time, fans of the Last Apprentice series will hear the story from Grimalkin's side, as she is hunted herself by creatures of darkness set on revenge.

Grimalkin has never been defeated. But can she survive an enemy created for the sole purpose of destroying her?

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Title:I Am Grimalkin
Edition Language:English
Format Type:PDF | Epub | Mobi | iBook

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  • Evgeny

    After the events of the previous book of the series the witch assassin Grimalkin (yes, she is exactly as badass as it sounds like) is on the run with a lot of dark forces hell-bent on killing her, iro...

  • Clare

    Excellent, excellent book. While it was a bit awkward that this book is technically in a different series (The Spook's Series) than the main series that Delaney writes (Wardstone Chronicles if you are...

  • Droy

    ahhh something fresh to help readers carry on with the series. im not saying i dislike Tom or the Spook, but Grimalkin is probably my favorite character in the series. in this addition to the series w...

  • Jonathan Terrington

    So...I was looking back at the books I'd read this year and to my surprise there was no review for this book. So of course I have to put this little snippet in here. This is the ninth book in the seri...

  • Christine Rains

    In this ninth book of the Last Apprentice series, Grimalkin is the narrator. A very different and intense protagonist compared to Thomas Ward. Grimalkin is my favorite character in the series, and I w...

  • Richie Chagas


  • Yuki Black

    În al 9-lea volum din seria ‘Cronicile din Wardstone’ acțiunea ne este relatată prin perspectiva vrăjitoarei Grimalkin, cea mai mare asasină a clanului Malkin. Grimalkin are scopul de a păzi...

  • Heather

    Unfortunately, I was very disappointed with this book. The Last Apprentice series is one of my favorites, but I think it is largely because I love the interplay between Tom and Old Gregory. Grimalkin ...

  • Samantha wickedshizuku Tolleson

    First and foremost I was not a happy camper at the end of this book. What I missed in this installment was the two leading characters of the series itself.I was severely disturbed by Grimalkin's inner...

  • Terri

    When you read the last book in a series first, and then must go back to read all the previous ones, you know it was a good book. I am now on book 6. In book 9, Grimalkin is a wonderfully strong charac...