Devil's Footsteps

Devil's Footsteps


Bryan was 10 when his brother, Adam, just . . . disappeared. That was five years ago, and now Bryan is the only one who seems to remember what happened.

Until he meets two others with their own unsolved mysteries. It seems that Adam isn’t the first to disappear. Someone or something is after the kids in their neighborhood.

The adults can’t hear it, and they can’t see it or feel it—but the kids can. And it all comes back to the skipping rhyme that every child in town knows by heart . . . and the Dark Man who haunts everyone’s worst nightmares—while they’re awake.

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Title:Devil's Footsteps
Edition Language:English
Format Type:PDF | Epub | Mobi | iBook
4.3 of 5 stars (Votes: 1456)

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  • Kathy Jackson

    This is a YA book that sounded intriguing. I really liked “Anna Dressed in Blood” so figured I’d read another YA book instead of moving on to something deeper. This story is about Bryan who feel...

  • Bern

    I know what y'all are thinking (also, I realize I say "y'all" a lot in my reviews - guys, I'm not a hick ok, I may live in Florida but I don't redneckanize like Honey Boo Boo does, I just reach into t...

  • Nina (Death, Books, and Tea)

    It's just a game, isn't it. Like one of those skipping rhymes, chants for little kids. A rhyme that predicts how you'll die. But anyway. It's just a rhyme. But not for Bryan. His brother went missing...

  • Lucy

    Bryan was only ten years old when older brother Adam dissapeared. The police questioned him for hours afterward, trying to get him to give more details on the Dark Man who he said had taken Adam, but ...

  • Ingrid

    My first impression of this book was that it was surprisingly (and conveniently) easy to get into - I was hooked from the start. That's a huge plus for me. It's exceedingly easy to become lost in the ...

  • Mikayla

    I have been wanting to read this book for who knows how many years, and I finally did. I was not disappointed. This is a horror story but it is not gory, or slasher...y. It is the kind of horror that ...

  • Miriam

    Darkness. Wolves. The Forest. Buried secrets. Death. Impalement on a meat hook. Abandoned houses. Isolation. Seeing loved ones tortured. Being chased. Threatening strangers. Parental abandonment. Limb...

  • Amber

    This book definitely captured my attention. It was a very quick read with a fairly good adrenaline rush. Kind of scary, kind of not, I thought the storyline was very good, and I was pleased with the ...

  • Arybo ?

    Mi era venuta una fissa così allucinante con questo libro che, per mesi, sono andata in giro canticchiando la poesia su cui si fonda tutta la trama. E credendoci anche. Sì, macabro, lo so. ...

  • Faye Hope

    Book was a quick read. I really enjoyed it. A good book to read around Halloween. It was like reading a scary movie....