Someday, Narwhal

Someday, Narwhal


“Kids will love this tiny little protagonist who dares to dream big.” —Booklist

“The little narwhal from Strictly No Elephants gets her own story…Equally good as a stand-alone or for fans of the first book.” —School Library Journal

In this charming companion to the award-winning picture book Strictly No Elephants, a tiny narwhal discovers that sometimes the difference between staying home and a big adventure is a group of loving friends.

Red front door. Potted plant. Umbrella stand. Piano. Red front door. Potted plant. Umbrella stand. Piano.

That’s what the world looks like from inside Tiny Narwhal’s fishbowl. It’s not very exciting. She dreams of the world beyond: endless blue sky, tall buildings, a bridge. But Tiny Narwhal hasn’t any feet and doesn’t know the street names. And what if it’s cold outside?

What this little narwhal does have, though, are good friends. With the help of her boy and his friends, plus a penguin, bat, and giraffe, Tiny Narwhal finally feels brave enough to go on an adventure.

Someday, Narwhal features the same adorable cast of pets and sweet, lyrical language as Lisa Mantchev’s beloved Strictly No Elephants.

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Title:Someday, Narwhal
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  • Stacy Fetters

    Narwhal just wants to see the world, but she’s stuck in her fishbowl. What happens when they bring the world to her?Cute illustrations but a bland story. ...

  • Jennifer (JenIsNotaBookSnob)

    My 6 year old daughter thought this was really cute, so I gave it 4 stars but for me it's more of a 3 star book. The illustrations are cute and the little narwhal is just adorable. But, the story was ...

  • Garrett

    I really liked this book, but I was told by certain coworkers that it's really a book about animal abuse. I mean, okay, so the narwhal is a bit big for that fishbowl and, yes, the giraffe is lookin' a...

  • Beth Wisniewski

    Too cute!!...

  • Peacegal

    An absolutely adorable fantasy starring a very unique creature. It's worth noting, however, that real aquatic pets should never be kept in fishbowls. ...

  • Laura McLoughlin

    Well, that was pretty damn adorable. How can I get a tiny narwhal that I can keep in a fishbowl? ...

  • Penny Ramirez

    Sweet, wonderful story about how friends help each other. Yum's soft, dreamy artwork perfectly complements Mantchev's words. I love that the narwhal's dreams come true!...

  • Maria Marshall

    In a gentle text, filled with friendship and wonder, Lisa Mantchev invites the reader into a narwhal's confined fishbowl world. Where numerous obstacles (an inability to walk or read and fear of cold ...

  • Pug Cake

    I had such huge hopes for this book: I couldn't wait to read about awesome narwhals! I should have realized something was terribly amiss when I saw the tiny narwhal in a FISHBOWL on the cover. The who...

  • Kara

    A tiny pet narwhal living in a fish bowl longs to see the world and eventually her wish comes true on a red wagon ride through the city. Both the text and illustrations are well done in this story but...