The Night Masquerade

The Night Masquerade


The concluding part of the highly-acclaimed science fiction trilogy that began with Nnedi Okorafor's Hugo- and Nebula Award-winning BINTI.

Binti has returned to her home planet, believing that the violence of the Meduse has been left behind. Unfortunately, although her people are peaceful on the whole, the same cannot be said for the Khoush, who fan the flames of their ancient rivalry with the Meduse.

Far from her village when the conflicts start, Binti hurries home, but anger and resentment has already claimed the lives of many close to her.

Once again it is up to Binti, and her intriguing new friend Mwinyi, to intervene--though the elders of her people do not entirely trust her motives--and try to prevent a war that could wipe out her people, once and for all.

Don't miss this essential concluding volume in the Binti trilogy.

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Title:The Night Masquerade
Edition Language:English
Format Type:PDF | Epub | Mobi | iBook
4.4 of 5 stars (Votes: 1108)

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  • Nnedi

    Oh, you'll see. ;-)...

  • April (Aprilius Maximus)

    4.5 stars! I need moreeeeee!!!...

  • Elise (TheBookishActress)

    this series is so aggressively Not For Me it literally needs a sign saying “everything critically great about sff that Elise does not like in sff all in one book” because that is what this isLet...

  • Jenny (Reading Envy)

    I would not read this without reading the previous Binti books, Binti and Home. So much of the detail in this story comes from the world-building in the first two, and reading the third is a much rich...

  • Lindsay

    At the end of Home, Binti had connected with her father's people, the Enyi Zinariya but while with them received news that both her family and her friend Okwu were under attack by the Khoush, another ...

  • Robyn

    Things I love about the Binti series that are fully brought home in this satisfying conclusion:1) The creation of a future that is genuinely DIFFERENT. Not just medieval Spain but in space! Or contemp...

  • Hollis

    So, I'll admit this isn't my kind of sci-fi. I went into BINTI with high hopes because of all the hype and praise and came out confused and definitely on the wrong side of the fandom. That being said,...

  • Lata

    3.5 stars....

  • Rachel (Kalanadi)

    Yes, this was a good conclusion....

  • Mitticus

    3.7Previously: While Binti was at her father's people , the desert people, barely grasping the new knowledge delivered to her , she feel something very bad happening at the Rook , the family home. So ...