The Dust Has Grown Flowers

The Dust Has Grown Flowers


“This book is dedicated to all the list-keepers and plan-makers.
The dreamers and astronauts traveling through their own universe.”

The Dust Has Grown Flowers by Fiphie is a collection of illustrations, watercolor paintings, aphorisms, poetry and prose. Known for her art journals, Fiphie conjures up a beautiful concept of combining art and poetry, gifting the reader a unique compilation of her works. In her debut, Fiphie touches on subjects such as love, heartbreak, loss, death, trauma, femininity, longing and wanderlust. She creates powerful images which let the reader immerse deeply into her world of thought.

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Title:The Dust Has Grown Flowers
Edition Language:English
Format Type:PDF | Epub | Mobi | iBook
4.2 of 5 stars (Votes: 1392)

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  • Julia Miller

    Oh my heart, where do I start? The Dust Has Grown Flowers is such an incredibly unique book. All the art in combination with poetry and aphorisms has honestly left me in awe. If you don’t know Fiphi...

  • Lou

    I love how Fiphie created the most beautiful compilation of artwork (especially her watercolor portraits!!) and combined it with her poetry. I have never owned any book similar to this one. The Dust H...

  • Malin

    everyone should read and own this. it's wonderful...

  • Luna

    This book. I fell in love with this beautiful book upon reading the reviews on here back in November, and eventually picked one up and was so excited when it finally arrived in January. As soon as I g...

  • Agirlwithajournal

    I absolutely loved to read this book more than i could ever explain. I keep going back to look at my favourite pahes. It is like a true art journal, and actual holding fiphies creations in my own hand...

  • Martina Fabio

    This book is one of the best i own. The drawings are beautiful and the poems are even better. I love Fiphie's art❤...

  • Nanna Dahl

    This is way too beautiful not to be read and experienced by every pair of eyes on earth ...

  • Fiphie