Scenes from the Hallway

Scenes from the Hallway


From the USA TODAY Bestselling romantic comedy series, 'Scenes from the Hallway,' Knitting in the City #6.5.

You know who I am.

I swear too much, I crack too many jokes, and I got a thing for Kat Tanner; a messy thing, a distracting thing, a getting-in-the-way-of-everything thing; a thing that makes being in the same room with the woman torture. Sometimes it's the good kind. Mostly, it's not.

What you don't know is how it all started. You don't know how we met, you might not know what happened in Vegas (or the morning after), and you definitely don't know what happened after that.

You want to know the story before the story? Well... here you go.

But be careful what you ask for. As I've discovered the hard way, you might not like it.

'Scenes from the Hallway' is a companion short prequel/short story (11k words) for 'Marriage of Inconvenience,' and includes the first 3 chapters of the soon to be released novel! ('Marriage of Inconvenience' releases March 6, 2018.)

WARNING: This short story contains a lot of cussing. Do not download or read if you dislike curse words in novels.

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Title:Scenes from the Hallway
Edition Language:English
Format Type:PDF | Epub | Mobi | iBook

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    I just LOOOVE it when we get extra goodness from our favorite characters! Thank you Penny Reid for this wonderful preview novella.If you want to know what this short story is about, the blurb says is ...

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    A teaser from the brilliant mind of Penny Reid. This book has snippets from Dan and Kats book that is coming out next month. I am so excited! Can’t wait!!...

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    A beautiful woman with a great laugh who smells like cake and is named after candy? Fuck a duck, I was in love.This went by wayyyy faster than I expected!! For those interested, there are four scenes ...

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    This prequel to Marriage of Inconvenience is a nice little treat. Whether you’ve already read the novel or not, it’s fun to know how Kat and Dan met. The details of what happened between them in L...