How to Cool Down a Room

Those who live on the equator wouldn’t be bothered with the hot temperature throughout the year. But, for those who live slightly above the line must be difficult to adapt with this situation when they visit tropical country. You need to deal with this whether you like it or not, especially when the unfortunate event happens and your AirBnB doesn’t provide air conditioner in the bedroom. But this wouldn’t be a big issue when you know how to cool down a room to stay cool indoors. 

There are many cooling methods that might help you in this situation. But not all those tricks work perfectly as they take time, minutes or more than an hour to employ. Now we would give you the best way to cool down a room as quick as possible and bring you comfort in sane levels.

  1. Cover the Windows on the Daylight

You need to know that when the temperature rise outside, the indoors temperature would rise too. In order to prevent this occur, we need to cover the windows so the sunlight will not hit the window glass directly. You can choose blinds or even the thermal curtains to block the heat. Whether you use blinds or curtains, we suggest you to choose the dark tone because it would absorb the sunlight and prevent it penetrate the window glass.

  1. Energy Efficient Bulbs

It is not only the direct sunlight that can increase the room temperatures, but the bulbs in the room too! Many people don’t know that the light bulbs they use are not energy efficient. When the bulbs are producing energy, they could radiate excess heat that will result to the temperature. Unfortunately, people don’t think about this so they tend to use inefficient light bulbs. We suggest you to choose energy efficient bulbs which don’t produce excessive heat. As the result, it won’t affect the room temperature. Get inspired in for amazing home ideas.

  1. Windows’ Position

Let’s go back to these things because with the right strategy, you can control the indoor temperatures as long as you know when and which windows to be opened. People suggest that we should open the windows at night, but be aware of the insects and other small-flying-animal that could ruin our sleep. So, make sure you aware of the position of the windows, such as you can open the windows during the day as long as its position doesn’t face where the sun rise.

  1. Cold Shower

It is not only the external factor that can increase the room temperature. Sometimes we need to focus on ourselves as it could be the internal factors that make us feel the heat. You can try to take a cold shower first so your body temperature will be cooling down. Then make sure you wear a loose shirt or pajamas that will keep the skin breathe during the night. And keep hydrated by drinking a lot of water.

Those 4 tricks are effective when you want to know how to cool down a room without AC. Make sure you share it to your friends so they won’t be bothered to deal with the hot temperature in tropical country.