How To Start Gardening? This Should To Do First

Taking on a landscape job can be a bit overwhelming. There are many aspects that need to be considered such as sun, views, garden layout, wind, drainage, plant selection, garden style and more.

The smartest way to tackle this type of job is to do what the professionals do, put all this information down on paper. Using this process as a starting point in the design of your garden may take a little time and effort in the beginning, but the end result will make all the difference.

Just as blue prints are necessary for the proper construction of a home, these design step helps to make the process of garden design efficient and will minimize some frustration that may occur.

Step by Step to Realize Your Dream

The steps below will help you crystallize your dreams and aspirations for your garden space and give you practical ideas that will provide solutions. Let’s take a closer look at the process.

First Step

The first thing to do is to make an inventory of the items that exist in the space already. For example, your list may be comprised of the location of the house, the fence, the driveway, and existing trees and shrubs.

Second Step

Next, analyze the site for practical considerations such as which way is north, which way the prevailing the winds come from, are there any attractive views, are there elements that need to be screened from view.

This is where you take a good hard look at how the space could be arranged and more importantly, how the garden space should not be arranged. Take this information and make a drawing of them to scale with a ruler.

Last Step

Finally, a list of what you would like to have in your garden can be made. For example some of the elements you may want to include are arbors, decks, walks, or perennial beds.

This early stage of the design process helps to define the goals of the garden and will help you avoid some of the pit falls that may crop up when installation is underway.

The best way to think about how any outdoor space is to be designed and arranged is to look at it as an outdoor room.

This new “garden room” needs its own style by creating boundaries, placing furniture, and selecting accessories for the garden that convey the mood and style that is uniquely your own.

Important to Note

Don’t forget that the main purpose is to attract people and provide a comfortable usable outdoor space. In order to do this the space needs to be comfortable by providing a seating area, a view, and placing interesting accessories to tie the room together.

Think of the space or spaces as part of your home or an extension of your home. The garden rooms should be just as inviting and enjoyable as any room of your home.

The garden rooms will add virtual square footage to your home, which will give it a larger feel as you move from indoors to outdoors. Now that the space has a goal, through a well-defined style, decorating it will be an extension of your personality and preferences.

There are many garden items available that can add interest and comfort to your new living space. Have fun with it, a garden is an ever-evolving room that can be changed and improved as the seasons come and go.

You can have a different color scheme with each changing season by painting a bench or adding different accessories. Be creative with your garden, plan it well and enjoy the benefits of a well-conceived garden space.

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