4 Kitchen Remodel Ideas That Makes You Want to Do Some Renovations

kitchen remodel ideas

In the first time decorating the house, some people might think that decorating kitchen is not something necessary since it is usually located in the backside. But, seeing these kitchens remodel ideas can change their mind.

A kitchen is a place where food is made, that is why it is important for you to decorate your kitchen based on what you love. If you want to do some changes to your kitchen, here are some kitchen remodel ideas that can be applied to your kitchen.

1. Rustic Kitchen Idea

Rustic Kitchen Idea

Rustic never dies. Rustic style makes your kitchen looks more classic and warm. Some people think that the rustic theme is not easy to apply and is complicated. Actually, it is easy to apply with a little touch.

Enhance this rustic theme by doing these things:

  • Using pastel pieces of furniture.
  • Picking the monotonous backsplash.
  • Installing classic fixtures.
  • Choose the dark wood floor as you can see in the picture.

If you like the farmhouse nuance, you will definitely in love with this kitchen idea.
Blue and Brass Kitchen Idea.

2. Blue and Brass Kitchen Idea

blue and brass kitchen idea

For a modern soul, here is one of the kitchen remodel ideas that can make you want to renovate your kitchen as soon as possible. It is because the kitchen looks so cozy and warm.

You can get this kitchen to remodel idea by adding the touch of blue in the curtains and in the chairs. And to enhance the futuristic looks, you can use the brass kitchen backsplash.

Those blue and brass colors are not only used to make the kitchen look more modern, but also can reflect the light and make your kitchen airy and fresh. Who doesn’t want to spend the time there?

3. The Black Accent

What should you do if you want a strong statement in your kitchen? You will need a touch of black.

The black color is not only a color that will make your kitchen look classic, but also make your kitchen seems lavish. It is like a kitchen of a Hollywood celebrity located in old Malibu.

People once said that the black color can make the kitchen narrower. But don’t worry because black can also be one of the great small kitchen ideas as you can see above. Of course, you can combine it with the white color in the background.

4. Simple Beige Kitchen

No color can make you feel calmer except the beige. Beige is a color that is designed to make someone feel surrounded by peace. And that might be the feeling inside your heart once you see this kitchen model. It is so simple, but sweet at the same time.

The usage of open shelving also makes the kitchen more spacious and friendly. You can put some stuff there and make your kitchen be like a farmhouse. Changing your kitchen into this style will make you want to spend more time in your kitchen.

If you would like to change your kitchen style someday and you don’t mind about the budget, then these kitchens remodel ideas can be the best themes to choose from. Remember also not to put too much decoration, because it can ruin the looks.