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In RIVERS OF REFRESHING, Dr. Ajani combines twenty-three brand-new poems with the original thirty-five published in STREAMS OF REFRESHING to give the reader a cocktail of refreshingly engaging poems that is bound to whet the appetite of any poetry lover. Also, some of the previous titles have been revised and fine-tuned in this significantly expanded volume. The current edition is subdivided into fifteen thematic sections, which makes it easy to directly access any specific title, or group of poems that may be needed for any particular mood, circumstance, or occasion. There are poems about CHRISTMAS & EASTER (the Passion and Ressurection of Christ); the Second Coming; Times & Seasons of Life; Divine Guidance & Revelation; Faith, Hope & Love; Joy, Peace & Rest; Praise, Prayer & Revival; Deliverance & Freedom; The Times of the End; and much, much more! This book also doubles as a devotional, with each poem preceded by a relevant Bible verse that captures both the spirit and content of the poem it introduces.



Christopher Tremblay

Very good book...U will get to understand him so much better.

Ryan Anderson

Liked it very much

Demotte Anderson

It was damn awesome, sweet, the way of describing the romance was just marvellous

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