These 9 Signs Are Impressively Trivial That You Experience Depression, even though It’s Serious!

Many things can cause a person to experience depression, such as hormonal imbalances, environmental factors, and other bad influences. When experiencing depression, someone will tend to feel sadness, anxiety, excessive anxiety, and loss of interest in things that are liked.

If so, you should know the signs of depression that appear to prevent it from becoming a worse condition. What are some signs that someone is depressed? Check out the full information below.

1. Experiencing constipation

A study shows that constipation and depression are interrelated. Therefore, if you experience a problem with frustrating constipation, you should consider talking to a doctor. Because, the most likely thing is caused by depression in yourself.

2. Acne

It’s no stranger if acne is said to be a sign of someone experiencing depression. In fact, depression can release stress hormones that interfere with the work of other hormones in the body, one of which is a hormone that triggers moods. As a result, a bad mood and stress will cause acne in several parts of the body.

3. Dry skin

Real depression can make the skin very dry. this is because people who are depressed tend to consume water less frequently. As a result, the water needs in his body are not well-fed and cause dehydration.

4. Unstable body weight

The influence of bad hormones on the brain causes an imbalance of chemical compounds that cause decreased appetite. If it is so, your weight will become unstable and even tend to fall dramatically because you will feel no appetite even though the one at the dinner table is your favorite food and you feel hungry.

5. Feet Feels Stiff

Many people who experience problems, stress, and depression will have a disorder in the neck. Usually, the neck will feel stiff due to contractions in the muscles. This is also caused by tiring activities that cause fatigue in the neck and it makes your day even harder with work that is not finished or problems that have not been resolved.

6. Lumbago


A study conducted in 2015 cited a connection between depression and lumbago. This is because depression can attack the nervous system, where the waist and other parts of the spine are the center of the nervous system.

7. Stomach ache

Depression can also cause stomach pain or diarrhea triggered by irritable bowel syndrome. Not only that, some people who are depressed will also suffer from constipation or difficulty defecating due to depression causing the person to continue thinking about the problem he is facing so that it also reaches the digestive organs.

8. Headaches

Depression basically causes some muscles around the head to tighten and cause an unbearable headache. This was also revealed by a study published by the Journal of Pain in 2004, which said that headaches and depression were very closely related. Where you will feel headache when you are depressed. This is also because people who suffer from depression continue to think about the problem and are even reluctant to share it with others so that their heads feel very full of the problem.

9. Having psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition characterized by red-silver scaly skin spots. These skin problems usually appear little by little to cover the entire body. If the symptoms begin to occur, you should consult your doctor immediately so that his condition does not worsen.

Depression can happen to anyone without knowing a person’s age, gender, and condition. Therefore, in addition to paying attention to physical health you should also pay attention to mental health. This is to support a better life.


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